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Just as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. With one screen in between, you can maintain a balance between personal concentration and team cooperation.

1) High density molded foam with fire resistant;

2) Steel frame inside of foam and under the bottom;

3) UK Camira brand fabric;

5) 5 years warranty guarantee;

BELLE Combination sofa

Add a pop of color to any space

Have you used any combination sofa back in childhood? Now, we decorate sofas with fresh colors and make them a part of modern offices. Four specifications and a rich of colors constitute a workspace as multifaceted as life itself.

To welcome

Intelligent furniture selection helps you create an area that exudes the essence of your company while giving your customers a comfortable place to wait.

To share

Modular sectional sofas with mobile white boards allow you to create your own combinations for brainstorming, training, workshops or conferences.

Color swatch

We provide UK Camira brand fabric

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