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Top 10 office chair manufacturers in China

Since the computers have been most important productivity in 21st century society, and the frequency of using computers have been increased, the traditional chair has not been able to meet the requirements of people sitting for a long time, the necessity for an office chair has become essential. So what are the famous brands of computer chairs manufactured in China? Here let me introduce you to the top 10 office chair furniture manufacturers in China!

Top 10 computer chair brands ranked by


ONLEAD, Founded in 1996.

It is a professional brand of modern office furniture manufacturer in China. It is more than 20 years in the office furniture industry. After many years, it has been rated as the top ten brand, largest office furniture supplier in China, and the quality wins hundreds of bid and tender in China and overseas market. It has become the leading enterprise in the office furniture industry in China, largest office furniture contractor.

The headquarter of the Group is located in Nanjing province, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. It has fully introduced advanced international machinery and equipment. It has advanced domestic production lines of solid wood, board, chair, sofa, steel cabinet and hardware, and has an intelligent and environmental friendly office environment of 10,000 square meters.

ONLEAD always insists on the design concept of fashion simplicity and humanistic technology, and has reached a strategic partnership with world famous brands VITRA of Germany and OKAMURA of Japan, this is to introduce the world’s leading design concepts and products into China. The dozens products have been awarded the “Red Dot Award” in Germany, “IF Design Award” in Germany, “Good Design Award” in Japan and “Cotton Tree Award” in China, and have passed the international authoritative GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification in the United States.

Besides, the office chair production base, Guangzhou MELIKE furniture Co.,Ltd, has a construction area of 17,000 square meters. It is based on modern production and has strong design and manufacturing capabilities. All chair products adopt european and american style design, with standardized management, eco-friendly and efficient. And the production environmental protection standards have reached the international level.

computer office chair manufacturer


No.2 office chair manufacturer

AURORA, founded in 1965 in Taiwan, a well-known trademark in China, China Environmental Certification, Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Famous Trademark, one of top 10 office chair manufacturers in China.

AURORA Group was founded in Taiwan in 1965. The name “AURORA” means the sunrise in the east, AURORA started as a distributor of time clocks and Chinese typewriters, after gradually developed its business to cover telecommunications, office furniture, office automation equipment systems and consumer electronics.


LAMEX, the world’s second largest office furniture manufacturer, office furniture top ten brands, which also belongs to the HNI Group’s brands.

LAMEX office furniture is committed to be the No.1 office furniture brand in Asia, with more than hundred products widely used in over 3,000,000 square meters of commercial building space. LAMEX factory covers an area of 100,00 square meters and is the largest of similar manufacturer in China.

The factory is a complex of production workshop, quality testing center, design and development center, warehouse, administration center, training center and showroom, etc. This would make the company’s operation more efficient. LAMEX has executive economic chair, leather chair, villa chair and sofa for high price market.


STEELCASE, founded in 1912 in the United States, the world’s leading office furniture brand, listed companies, the global leader in the office furniture industry.

STEELCASE is committed to creating a superior and productive experience in the workplace. With nearly 100 years of insight in serving the world’s leading companies, STEELCASE is equipped with a full selection of office furniture, products and services. The design of STEELCASE meets the needs of social, economic and environmental sustainability. As a publicly traded international company, STEELCASE is a global leader in the office furniture industry, employing more than 13,000 people worldwide.


No.5 office chair manufacturer

SUNON, China Famous Trademark, Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province.

SUNON was established in Hangzhou in 1991, is a collection of office furniture, living furniture, property investment in one enterprise group, now the total number of employees of the group is 3,521 people. The headquarters of the group is located in Qianjiang New City, with a total construction area of 70,000 square meters and a production base with a total area of 400,000 square meters, making it the top office furniture manufacturer in China.


No.6 office chair manufacturer

QUAMA, established in 1993, China Well-known Trademark, Guangdong Province Famous Brand, focus on professional production and sales of high-end furniture.

QUAMA is committed to the environmental protection cause of “high-quality, healthy, low-carbon, and effective”. QUAMA product range covers office furniture, hotel furniture and high-grade civil and villa furniture, and QUAMA is one of the strongest and most complete enterprises in the furniture industry in China.


No.7 office chair manufacturer

VICTORY, started in 1985 in HongKong, vice president of China Furniture Association, famous brand in the furniture industry.

VICTORY, Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province, Famous Trademark of Guangzhou City, This is group company integrating furniture design, production, manufacturing, sales and service.Victory’s product manufacturing bases are certified ISO9001 and ISO14001, which means that quality and environmental management systems are effective and efficient. Their products are also certified by BIFMA- meaning that Victory’s products can stand the wear and tear of over eight hours use daily.


No.8 office chair manufacturer

SAOSEN, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong High-tech Enterprise, one of the famous office furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China.

SAOSEN is one of the top ten brands of office furniture, famous brand in Guangdong Province, well-known brand in the furniture industry, highly competitive brand, high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, one of the famous office furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Since 2005, SAOSEN has cooperated with the famous Italian furniture designer Lino Codato to design products and being main agent of many famous European brands. The continuous innovation of their products has won many important awards and sold to more than 30 countries overseas.

No.9: UB

UB, founded in 1973, one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Southeast Asia, a multinational enterprise.

UB set up a factory in 1995, and was officially put on the market in July 1997, the factory is located in Kunshan, close to Shanghai, covers an area of 168,000 square meters and employs more than 500 people, one of the few manufacturing plants in China that produces a full range of products.


sitzone office chair supplier

Sitzone is a large modern office furniture group with R&D, production, sales, resource integration and service. Providing a wide range of products and services. The headquarter is base on china furniture material centre town, Longjiang, Shunde. The company consist of Longjiang, Xiqiao production base , which include nine core modules as upholster furniture, promotion inventory , injection molding , sponge , carton, mould workshop and office chair testing center. Sitzone focus on technology innovation in order to improve the quality of products and services,stick to the ‘create value for customers’ principle and commitment to creating better office environment. Sitzone factory is green office chair, lift chair, computer chair and sofa supplier in China.

At a comprehensive Comparison

After we get into the details, here is an overview comparing the scale-growth rate, along with the quality and price for the Top 10 Office chair manufacturers.

office computer chair supplier

Separating Furniture Manufacturers from Trading Companies

Do you want to purchase your office furniture straight from a “manufacturer” or a “trading company”? First, we need to differentiate the two.

Manufacturers are the ones responsible for and focused on making your products from raw materials. Trading companies, on the other hand, work as a middle man that connects buyers and sellers. Trading companies aren’t involved with the production process but are affiliated with one specific manufacturer or several factories.

When searching the net, you’ll find that many companies selling the products you want are actually trading companies and not the actual manufacturer. So how can you tell if the company you’re dealing with is the manufacturer or a trading company?

chair Manufacturers

No.1: The Supplier’s business license

Legitimate companies in China will always have a business license. Request a readable photo of the license. Using Google Translate, check the business scope. If you’re working with a factory, they’ll be clearly indicated as a “manufacturer”.

ONLEAD business license

MELIKE business license

No.2: Range of products

Usually, manufacturers will focus on producing one product type because having a lot of different components it means a high cost of machinery.

Trading companies will have a very wide variety of products because they are likely connected with several factories to provide a “one-stop-shop” kind of experience.

No.3: Company name

Trading companies usually have more easily memorable, catchy, or recognizable names. This is because they want to be more marketable overseas to grow their client base. Manufacturers are focused on making products. Usually, you’ll find that manufacturers have the name of their location in the name, for example – “Foshan Office Furniture Manufacturing Company”. A trade company might have a name such as – “Workspace Furniture Trading Company.”

No.4: Company location

Try using Google maps to check the location of the address of the company. If it’s located in the middle of a metropolitan city like Shanghai or Shenzen, that’s not the actual manufacturing location.

Though manufacturers also can have city-based sales offices, usually, a little research can reveal if that office is not actually related to the manufacturing company.

No.5: Check the company website

Again, manufacturers are focused on making products. So making their website sleek and easy to use, or all in English isn’t much of a priority. Trading companies have appealing websites. Manufacturers in China, even some of the largest ones, have very basic websites. For example, https://melikefurniture.com

No.6: Try asking a technical question

Technical questions like “What equipment do you use for measuring a specific feature?”, about their testing processes, something only experienced or specialized technical staff would know. If it takes a while for the company to give you an answer, maybe more than a few hours, it’s likely that they’re not the actual manufacturer.

Working with a manufacturer can be very beneficial for bulk orders of one type of product. It’s also more likely that you can talk to a manufacturer about custom products or special adjustments. If you’re more focused on customer services and relations and a wider range of products, a trading company would be more suitable for you.


All in all, China is a good choice to purchase your office furniture. You can get very good quality office furniture from the right supplier. Many regions in China can make high-quality furniture because they have good access to raw materials.

Just make sure to do your research! For example, Top 10 Office chair manufacturers, it will save you a lot of stress and problems. For smaller orders, you can shop online or work with a furniture trading company. If you need your office furniture for bigger projects, it’s advisable to get a sourcing agent and to work with manufacturers for lower prices.

Remember, shipping is important too. Check the quality of your furniture before it gets shipped and take note of other fees like customs, processing, etc.

You can also get all kinds of office supplies from China, not just office furniture.

Now that you know what to do, you can set off on your office project or venture with more confidence.

Good luck!

Wish you find favorable office chairs

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